Dashboard Design for Non-Profit

Small Can Be Big connects donors directly with families and individuals who are on the verge of homelessness. The organization allows donors to choose a family to help and make a donation that is directed to that family. The organization was looking to update its website to provide more information and guidance to donors. In addition, the organization wanted to develop an administration website for managing donors, charities, information on families in need, and write-ups family stories.


I was the only UX specialist working on the development of the administration website. I collaborated with the project manager, lead visual designer, and lead developer. My primary objectives were to understand the goals of the different users who would use the administration website, develop workflows based on their goals, and create wireframes representing the workflows.


  • Building an administrative workflow that always gave first preference to the urgent needs of the families.
  • Understanding the prevalent complexities in the workflows, and separating goal-based tasks from problem-circumventing workarounds.
  • Providing the same, if not similar, interaction experience for multiple user roles; often, an individual assumed various user roles.

Design Process

  • Interviewed various members of the organization to elicit requirements and determine the primary user groups.
  • Drew sketches to map workflows for various users and iterated on the workflows with the team.
  • Identified prevalent workarounds at various steps in the workflow so that the new design could eliminate them.
  • Converted workflow information into paper prototypes for rapid iteration with the team.
  • Developed a common information architecture to represent various users.
  • Using Omnigraffle, created detailed wireframes that represented user interactions.

Tools and Technology

  • Pen and paper to draw workflows and initial wireframes
  • Omnigraffle to develop detailed wireframes