Identity Design for Dance Recital

The Boston chapter of the Association for India’s Development conducts annual fundraisers in the form of concerts, dance recitals, and donor dinners. One such fundraiser was a dance recital by acclaimed Kathak dancer, Pandit Birju Maharaj in October 2012. Proceeds from the sale of tickets went toward the funding of development projects in India.

This project required the development of an identity for the event. The identity was applied to posters, postcards, and tickets for the dance recital.

The primary motif for the identity is the dancer in movement. A strong color code and uniform typography bind the final deliverables.


I was one half of a two-designer team that worked on the final deliverables. The other designer developed the color scheme and image layout for the event poster. I took that color scheme and developed complementary color schemes for the tickets and postcards. I also transferred all artwork into Illustrator and prepared the art boards for printing.

Design Process

  • Interviews with members of the chapter to understand the audience and required aesthetics
  • Pencil sketches to ideate on various possibilities
  • Art board development in Illustrator
  • Iterative development of final design solutions by continuously integrating chapter feedback

Tools and Technology

  • Charcoal and paper to draw initial sketches
  • Adobe Photoshop for mocking up art boards
  • Adobe Illustrator for refined art boards and print deliverables