iPad App Concept for EHRs

A major player in the healthcare technology space was looking to design a new interface for its iPad app to help medical practitioners collect and manage electronic health records (EHRs). The design goal was to not only improve the usability and the interface of the information collection process but also implement gamification elements into the new design.


I was part of a four-member team of UX professionals who worked on this project. Each team member was assigned the task of developing complete workflows independently. The sketches and high-fidelity Axure prototypes only present my take on the workflow. I also developed a gamification element named “form health,” which the team decided to incorporate into the final design.


  • Developing solutions that support or enhance the quality of care using EHRs.
  • Motivating users such as physicians and nurses to better engage with patients and each other during their interaction with EHRs.
  • Developing solutions that not only ensure quality of care but also improve process efficiency.

Design Process

  • Interviewed two healthcare practitioners to understand their pains and information requirements during a day at the clinic.
  • Used literature review to understand the contexts in which the ends users of the app operate.
  • Established primary goals for the design: reduce time spent in filling forms, increase practitioner productivity, provide just-in-time record checks to maintain information sanity.
  • Developed paper prototypes to ideate on various design concepts.
  • Gradually evolved on the gamification concept as applied to the form filling process.
  • Introduced a “form health” metric to help practitioners manage their forms.
  • Incorporated final design in an interactive prototype developed in Axure.

Tools and Technology

  • Pen and paper to draw initial sketches
  • Axure to develop interactive prototypes
  • Custom HTML and JavaScript to refine some interactions