User Journey Mapping

A startup from India is developing a solution for helping older diabetes patients. The solution intends to provide just-in-time notifications and tracking of exercises, diet plans, and doctor visits. Because the solution is still under development, I can’t divulge too many details at this time. The startup wanted to understand the daily schedule of their target users to identify opportunities for providing these notifications.


I was the sole UX designer working on the project. The startup engaged a user research firm to perform ethnographic studies of target users. The report that this firm produced was the starting point for my work. I collaborated with the startup founder in developing this user journey. My primary objectives were to first develop personas for the target users, understand their motivations and barriers regarding health goals, and develop a user journey to identify opportunities for positive intervention.


  • While there was a lot of good detail on the ethnographic characteristics of the target user population, there was very little information on their primary health-related motivations.
  • Finding target users who are open to discussing their motivations and schedules was difficult because this particular user group tends to be reluctant to divulge a lot of information.

Design Process

  • Used the original report to draft a framework for characterizing the user population in terms of personas.
  • Relied on my own experiences of living in India to identify key motivators for the each persona.
  • Worked closely with the founder to iterate on the schedule, motivators, and barriers for each persona.
  • Informally interviewed acquaintances who belonged to each persona to validate our understanding.
  • Transferred all data into a single-page user journey that I developed using Adobe InDesign.

If you’d like to see a larger version of this journey map, please contact me.